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Pet Euthanasia - Together we will make the right decision

Final Care

Pet Euthanasia and Final Care for your Pet

At some stage in your pet’s time with you,it may become apparent that their quality of life is deteriorating. Unfortunately, when this happens you will be required to make a very difficult decision in respect of pet euthanasia under peaceful and painless conditions at your vets.
The decision to put to sleep a pet is an incredibly personal one. After considering all of the available options and talking with you at length, our vets will do their best to advise and recommend as far as possible. However, the decision as to what should be done has to be made by you. When the time comes we feel that it is very important to discuss the situation with all other family members involved, including children.

Together, we will make the right decision

Pet euthanasia is necessary in animals that are suffering or that are too old or too ill to support an acceptable quality of life. This may include chronic untreatable pain or disease, incontinence, being unable to eat or drink without difficulty, being unable to support weight or unable to move without pain.

If you decide that euthanasia is the appropriate action we can do this at the practice, or at your home (upon request). Pet euthanasia is generally a quick and painless procedure. The vet will usually place a cannula in your pet's front leg,as this helps make the euthanasia process less stressful for you and your pet. When you are ready the vet will inject an overdose of anaesthetic into the cannula and your pet will fall asleep.

Some like to be with their pet during this process whereas others do not. Again, this is a very personal thing. Your vet will also discuss the various options available for care of your pet after euthanasia. These include cremation; whereby your pet's ashes are buried at the pet cemetery, individual pet cremation whereby the ashes are returned to you in a casket of your choice (if requested at the time of euthanasia), or home to bury. If you decide to bury your pet at home, please feel free to discuss it with a member of staff beforehand.

Final Care For Your Dog

Coping after Pet Euthanasia

After your pet has been put to sleep it is perfectly normal to feel a mixture of emotions, including guilt, regret and grief.These emotions are entirely individual and take varying times to become accustomed to. Talking to other family members is important and it may be sensible to have another family member or close friend take you home and look after you after you. Where children are involved, it is usually their first experience of death. As a result, it may be pertinent to mark the occasion with a home service and to relive the happier times of pet ownership with them – their period of grief and mourning is often quicker than that of adults.

Final Care for Cats

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If you would like further information regarding the welfare of your pet including pet burial, pet cremation or even writing an "In Memory of" message for your pet, please visit If you are finding difficulty coping caring for your pet, please contact one of our vets at the surgery on 020 8462 5775.